Aged Care Beds

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Are you looking for the best aged care beds for your health care property? Well, look no further. At Interquip Global, we provide some of the best pressure mattresses you’ll find in the market.

We are an established business that operates online, since our establishment, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering improved safety and health for the aged. We have also repositioned ourselves in the aged and health care market since we provide high-quality supplies and products.

Therefore, whether you need an aged care bed or need assistance in choosing the best options for your needs, we are the team to call. Feel free to browse through our website to see our wide range of products.

Why Buy An Aged Care Bed From Us

Since 2011, when we established Interquip Global, many people prefer our aged care beds because we always provide high-quality systems and products, coupled with speedy and hassle-free services. We have a wide range of pressure mattresses from reliable brands in the industry. Some of the products you’ll find in our store include Forte Icon, Zephair, and Airmonte. We can assure you that these beds are simple to install and use.

Some other products we stock include Clever Loggers that are simple to install and are great for tracking food refrigeration. We also stock Intelliguards with a digital food safety system that records the data. Temperature monitoring devices are a great way to ensure that your food is kept to the right temperature and that your refrigerators are working.

If you’d like to place an order, you can do so via our site. We have a straightforward checkout process whereby you can place the products you want in a cart with a click of a button. You can also choose a suitable delivery option, and we’ll have the aged care bed delivered to you as soon as possible.

Aged Care Beds

Interquip Global Beds – Keeping The Vulnerable Safe With Valuable Aged Care Beds

We understand that aged care beds have electrical components that can sometimes fail to function. If you experience any problem, reach out to us. Our company has various centres within Australia; hence, we’ll be able to sort out your problem within the shortest time possible.

Our company can deliver all our products across Australia. We assure you that, regardless of how far you could be in Australia, we’ll ensure that the aged care bed gets to your location safely and on time.

If you have a problem selecting the best pressure mattress for your health care property or needs, we have a team ready to assist you. We’ll listen to your needs and determine what might be ideal for achieving your requirements.

Feel free to browse through our online shop to see the wide variety of aged care beds we have in store. In case of any issues, contact us on 1800 110 303. Our team will be quick to respond to you.

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