The Ultimate Under-Bench Refrigeration And Under-Counter Commercial Kitchen Freezer System You Have To Have!

If you’re a restaurant owner or chef who enjoys keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in cooking appliances and equipment, you’ll be glad to hear about the benefits of under bench refrigeration and under-counter commercial kitchen freezers. Better yet, you’ll be even more excited to know the best under-bench system currently on the market and how they’re ideal for working within any kitchen space. Why Is Under Better Than Over [Or Upright … Continued

Infrared Thermometers – Myths and Truths

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, temperature testing has become a regular and expected process when entering any public area within most countries around the world. We have seen the popularization of infrared forehead thermometers as they are a convenient, accurate, economical and easily portable solution.  What many people overlook is the fact that infrared thermometers have been used in the commercial catering industry for decades. This is largely due to their fast acting, … Continued

Hand Washing And Hygiene As A Food Safety Device

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, food safety has become a significant area of concern for many commercial kitchens within restaurant, healthcare and aged care industries. While temperature control and food sanitation are essential, good old-fashioned hand washing and good hygiene play a crucial role in food safety. As food safety experts, Interquip Global explains how you can play your part. It’s Simple: Wash Your Hands Your hands are very efficient  carriers of germs, and that is … Continued

The Differences Between Domestic Fridges And Commercial Kitchen Refrigerators

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Whether it’s your family home or your commercial business, refrigerators are one of the most essential appliances in any kitchen. And if you’ve ever eaten warm yoghurt or even warmer fruit juice; you’ll know the high value that a cold refrigerator has in anyone’s life. Worse yet, if you’ve ever bought groceries and watched them grow mould or turn bad fast, you’ll know that a kitchen without a refrigerator is a costly kitchen which requires … Continued

How A Digital Food Temperature Monitoring System Can Save You Time And Money

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Traditional methods of tracking and monitoring temperatures manually are time intensive and inaccurate. This is why many restaurants and commercial kitchens are turning to digital food temperature monitoring systems. And we concur. What Are Digital Food Monitoring Systems? There are many quality digital temperature monitoring systems on the market today. Essentially, these devices are specialised thermometers that allow you to remotely measure the temperature of food storage cabinets. Digital Systems are reliable with pre-set alerts, … Continued