Fridge Temperature Monitoring Device

Fridge Temperature Monitoring Device

Buy Our Remote Fridge Temperature Monitoring Device

Interquip Global is a highly recommended full online company that sells the most reliable fridge temperature monitoring devices. Since 2011, we have repositioned ourselves into the aged and health care market. We are strongly focused on removing the requirement to record and report food service temperatures manually.

Our focus is on ensuring that we protect the vulnerable in society. Therefore, you can trust that we provide quality products for healthcare facilities and commercial kitchens at the most competitive prices in the market. All our products come from reliable brands such as Clever Logger, Intelliguard, and Sentry; therefore, you can be sure that we’ll deliver a data logger that will suit your needs and budget.

Browse our online store to view our range of products. You can also contact us if you’d like to know more about our services.

We Deliver Our Fridge Temperature Monitoring Devices Promptly

Our vision at Interquip Global is to introduce digital fridge temperature monitoring devices and menu management platforms to every aged and health care property in Australia. We also have a convenient online store that houses all the products you need. You shouldn’t have any problems finding the products you need.

Additionally, the checkout process is seamless. You’ll be able to add items to the cart with a single click and choose the most suitable delivery options for you. We promise that we deliver all our products quickly regardless of your location in Australia.

If you buy any product with a faulty electrical component, we have service agents around different regions in Australia who should assist you in every way.

Fridge Temperature Monitoring Device
Fridge Temperature Monitoring Device

Why Our Fridge Temperature Monitoring Devices Are the Best

We understand how crucial a fridge temperature monitoring device is. These devices ensure that the food stays in the right environment when refrigerated. If something goes wrong, it will harm your business or increase the risk of serving contaminated food to consumers.

Conventional data loggers will require that you remove them from the fridge to download the reports. While this is okay, sometimes it can be risky if the user forgets to put it back on or if changes are made without notifications.

Our data loggers allow you to check temperatures remotely. In case of any emergencies, a spike, or decline beyond the temperature setting, these devices will send you notifications over email and SMS. You’ll also get reports directly without having to remove the data logger from the fridge.

Contact us today if you need to know more about our fridge temperature monitoring devices at Interquip Global. You can reach us on  1800 110 303

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