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Where to begin when planning the feasibility of building a new training kitchen facility

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Building an education kitchen at your school can be a daunting task, especially if you feel you are running behind the wave. At Interquip Global, we are continually supporting schools across Australia to assist them in creating world-class commercial training kitchens for education facilities. In this article, we offer some ideas on how you can catch up with the movement.

Support Channels

It is a great idea to identify the support channels for you proposed commercial kitchen in your school. When we say support channels, we refer to the areas in which you’ll receive assistance in the creation of your new facility. Is your management supportive of a training kitchen? Management support and input will allow you to take your kitchen proposal to a whole new level. A quality presentation of your proposal including schematics (drawings) and a detailed quotation is a good way to present your ideas to your management team. Interquip Global has a team that can assist you with a complimentary presentation.

Budgetary Requirements

What can your school afford to assign to your commercial kitchen? Will you be building a whole new building? Are you a public school? Have you looked into any government incentives for kitchen training? It is worth looking for available grants in your state for kitchen training as this is strongly supported by government bodies in Australia. Do you have funds available for a new building? Will it be a refurbishment of an existing room? If you have very limited funds, it is a great idea to get your students involved in the design process as it is amazing what you can do with your existing space and existing furniture.

Space requirments

Do you have sufficient space to build your new kitchen facility? What subjects/lessons will you be superseding? Can you change this existing space to facilitate kitchen training? Consider a brainstorm session regarding your space requirements with your management team ensuring you keep class sizes and number of classes required in mind so to allocate sufficient space for your project.

Association with experience

Find companies in your region that are experienced with fitout of commercial kitchens in new builds or refurbishments. Speak to specialists and ask for ideas and links to recent projects. Cross-pollinate with schools that have recently built a kitchen facility and ask about dos and don’ts based on firsthand experience. Interquip Global have a complimentary consultancy and design service available to give professional schematics and detailed estimations. Speak with someone familiar with process manufacturing (Lean Layout) to ensure efficiency and reduction of motion.

Execution with agility

Plan well. Depending on the size of the project, make sure you evaluate builders and associated companies thoroughly through meetings and past-experience assessments. Make sure the company you work with is known for performing work to a high level of quality and on time. Speak with their recent clients and get experience ratings for confirmation. Assign a project manager to your project, this person can either be within your organisation or an external consultant. They will be able to run projects from a centralised and transparent Gantt chart. Communicate regularly both horizontally and vertically to ensure a smooth and agile transition.

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