Induction Cooking Equipment

Induction Cooking Equipment

The fastest and best way to upgrade your cafe, canteen or bakery, with high quality induction cookers at affordable prices.

Induction cooking reduces energy consumption, and improves cooking times due to direct action of electrical energy on the cooking vessel.

Lestov have taken this technology one step further, and created a unique range of benchtop cookers. This includes deep fryers and griddle plates. They are manufactured using high grade commercial stainless steel.

Using deep fryers as a case in point, rather than a small high powered electrical element creating heat, the entire base of the fryer pan is heated using induction coil beneath – no contact with the heat source!

The Griddle plate is similar, once again the entire plate is heated using an induction coil beneath, rather than an embedded element or as is so often the case in cheaper units, an element sitting below the plate.

Operators are shielded from any contact with the heat source and will enjoy significantly reduced temperature in their operating environment. As each unit is below the 8kW threshold for exhaust canopy requirement, they can legally be used without complicated exhaust systems. However, we do not recommend this practice for long term usage, as the amount of steam and/or smoke generated by these units means in practice an exhaust canopy and system should be used.

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