Benchtop Induction Grill Plate – 3.5kW

$1,650.00 Excl. GST

This commercial flat top griddle has a stainless steel griddle over 18mm thick, capable of instant heating and temperature recovery.

You can control the temperature with digital thermostat.

It will be the best griddle plate  you have ever used in your restaurant, cafe or canteen!

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Features & Advantage

  • More than 95% energy efficiency and eco-conscious designs.
  • This commercial griddle is adaptable to voltage fluctuation.
  • 360-degree knob switch can control 8 firepower settings to make operation simple.
  • Thanks to a thickness of 18mm iron plate, the temperature recovers quickly.
  • All-metal stainless steel panels bring durable construction and easy cleaning.
  • The thermostatic control allows you to preset the frying temperature and time.
  • Front grease trough with grease drawer bring you much convenience to cleaning tasks.
  • Two iron plate surface options come from the full-flat plate and half-grooved surface.
  • Four trumpet-shaped anti-slip foot designs prevent scratching the surface.
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