Fortè Icon I31000 Medium Risk Static Care Mattress


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The Icon I34000 mattress gives effective support and comfort for medium risk static care patients. Utilising Forte’s superior design and manufacturing process to provide for a wide range of patient needs and requirements.AIRO-FORM UPPER IMMERSION LAYERVisco-elastic cell structure provides low-shear surface, effective immersion, interface pressure relief and superior comfort.Graded support and patient comfort in supine, prone, lateral and fowler positions. Gives exceptional postural support, whilst maintaining comfort and patient mobility.LAYERED FIRM BASEProvides protection against ?bottoming-out? during transfer, repositioning and whilst in the inclined/fowler position Graded for ultimate patient support.PROFILE STABILISING SIDESHigher density open-cell foam profile sides for enhanced patient positioning, easier bed transfers, and greater mattress stability.Effective therapeutic weight range 40kg – 165kgAll Icon matresses are made from high specification foam which conforms to AS/NZS 4088.1 (Int):1993, FMVSS302 & SAE T2002 and PUAP, NPUAP & PPPIA Guidelines


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