Pira Charcoal Oven – 900mm wide with steel stand

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Without a doubt, the most professional charcoal oven and competitive in the catering world. It is a new generation of charcoal ovens with PIRACOLD that is revolutionising the world of catering.

Its features and its construction, design, size and its production capacity makes the PIRA 90 SILVER INOX ED as the most perfect charcoal oven and an essential element for those restaurants dedicated to grilling.

PIRACOLD is a cooling system designed and registered by PIRA, the most important effects are the outside oven temperature and energy savings:

  • When the oven reaches its usual operating temperature (300 – 350ºC), the oven outside structure is maintained around 60ºC.
  • The temperature inside the cooking chamber can be maintained for hours, even after the service is finished. Thus, although production is equal to other ovens with the same dimensions, this system saves energy and money; because of this, there is a very low charcoal consumption.
  • The same amount of charcoal can be used to cook up to 25% more than a charcoal oven without PIRACOLD.

It is essential for establishments or for restaurants where the grill is the main line in the menu. The best oven at the best price!

Main features:

  • Significant reduction of the space between the chef and the oven adding more comfort in the work area.
  • The drastic reduction of the levels of soiling on the ovens door, because of not dropping drops on it.
  • Fast and easy access system for cleaning the glass, which allows in just “one minute” to leave the glass perfectly clean after a full busy working day.
  • As it is a lifting door model, and the objects can not fall on the glass, we also avoid possible incidents in the kitchen that can damage the glass.

All kinds of food can be cooked: meat, fish and vegetable. The oven is fitted with a high temperature glass door, that will withstand temperatures up to 750ºC allowing you to view the food whilst cooking, this helps to maintain oven temperature and reduces again charcoal consumption.


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