The Differences Between Domestic Fridges And Commercial Kitchen Refrigerators

Whether it’s your family home or your commercial business, refrigerators are one of the most essential appliances in any kitchen. And if you’ve ever eaten warm yoghurt or even warmer fruit juice; you’ll know the high value that a cold refrigerator has in anyone’s life. Worse yet, if you’ve ever bought groceries and watched them grow mould or turn bad fast, you’ll know that a kitchen without a refrigerator is a costly kitchen which requires daily trips to the shops to access fresh goods. With their constant maintenance of accurate, cool conditions, your family or kitchen team has access to produce that stays fresher for longer.

However, keeping food cool is where the similarities pretty much end. Domestic fridges and commercial kitchen refrigerators boast many distinguishable differences, with these differences making them better suited for different establishments. So, how do you know which is best to suit your needs? As refrigeration experts, Interquip Global has put together a list of the major differences between these two types of fridges.

Long Live The Commercial Kitchen Refrigerator

When it comes to the longevity battle of the commercial kitchen fridge or a domestic one, the clear winner is the commercial kitchen. Fridges of all kinds don’t come cheap, however, skimping on cash means you’ll be performing CPR on a dying domestic fridge faster than it takes for the ice trays to firm up.

Domestic fridges tend to not have as long a lifespan as commercial fridges, especially when placed in a commercial environment. Domestic fridges are unfortunately not designed to constantly be opened and closed and handle the exposures found in commercial kitchens. The lifespan of a domestic fridge will be considerably less than that of a commercial kitchen refrigerator.

Better Warranties & Advice With Commercial Refrigerators

When buying a commercial refrigerator, you usually receive some sort of warranty, as well as professional advice from the retailer it comes from. The same cannot be said for domestic fridges. Even domestic fridges that do offer warranties and repair services, will probably only provide these services if the domestic fridge is not being used for commercial purposes. Here at Interquip Global, we have professional service agents in every state that can assist you with fridge issues and repairs if need be.

Who’s Been Stealing Food From The Fridge?

As domestic fridges are designed to be used in family homes, they are usually not able to be locked. In a commercial setting, you may need to be able to lock up your valuable products in your fridges, so in this case a commercial fridge is often the better option.

Temperature Monitoring Is Best With Commercial Fridges

If you need accurate temperature monitoring systems for the success of your business and commercial kitchen ventures, then a commercial kitchen refrigerator is the only option for you. Domestic fridges, unfortunately, do not offer very accurate temperature monitoring abilities and differ greatly from brand to brand.

Looking for a high-quality commercial kitchen refrigerator for your home or business? Speak to the experts at Interquip Global today to find the right fridge for your needs!

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